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ORBITON 10/40-65

1. Description of the product 

ORBITON 10/40-65 modified bitumen modified bitumen is the hardest modified bitumen in the range of modified bitumens currently manufactured by ORLEN Group. Its very high softening point renders it suitable for high-stiffness-modulus mixture AC EME base and binder courses. It can also be used for conventional asphalt concrete mixtures. Results of tests of resistance to rutting of asphalt mixtures containing this type of bitumen demonstrate that it is suitable for pavements carrying slow and heavy traffic, such as parking lots, slow traffic lanes and crossroads. This type of bitumen is not recommended for use in wearing courses.

2. Properties  

Division based on types and requirements for polymer modified bitumen in Poland acc. to National Annex NA to standard PN-EN 14023:2011/Ap2:2020-02

Property Unit Test Method Requirement​
Penetration at 25°C​ 0,1 mm EN 1426 10-40
Softening Point °C EN 1427 ≥65
Force ductility tested using ductilometer (50 mm/min)
EN 13589
EN 13703
≥2 at 10°C
Tensile Test  at 5°C​ (100 mm/min) J/cm2
EN 13587 NR
Vialit pendulum (impact test)
EN 13588
Change of mass after hardening*
% m/m
EN 12607-1
Retained penetration at 25°C after hardening
% EN 12607-1
EN 1426​
Softening point increase after hardening °C ​EN 12607-1
EN 1426​7
Flash point °C EN ISO 2592 ≥235
Fraass breaking point °C EN 12593
Elastic recovery at 25°C
% EN 13398
Elastic recovery at 10°C
% EN 13398
Plasticity range
EN 14023
​Drop in softening point​ after EN 12607-1 ​​°C ​EN 12607-1
EN 1427
Elastic recovery at 25°C after EN 12607-1 ​​% ​EN 12607-1
EN 13398
​Elastic recovery at 10°C after EN 12607-1 ​% ​EN 12607-1
EN 13398
​Storage stability – difference in softening point ​​​°C ​EN 13399
EN 1427
​Storage stability – difference​ in penetration ​0.1 mm ​EN 13399
EN 14276

* – change of mass may be a positive or negative value
** – depending on the final use, only one method for determining cohesion should be chosen. The cohesion determination by the Vialit method
(EN 13588) should only be chosen for bitumen for surface treatment
NR – No Requirement

TBR – To Be Reported


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